Samsung is pretty excited about its upcoming smartwatch. At its Note 5 event last week, the company couldn’t help but tease the circular wearable, showing off a quick sizzle reel of what the device can do. The smartwatch even showed up in a fashion “lookbook,” which pretty much tells us how we’ll see the device marketed when it launches. For anyone unable to tune in to last week’s live Note 5 stream, the company has released that same Gear S2 teaser on YouTube.

The Gear S2 is unlike any Samsung wearable we’ve seen before; as if Android Wear, watchOS and the Moto 360 all spent a night together. Not that that’s a bad thing; the Gear S2 actually looks pretty great. According to previous rumors, the device will sport a rotating bezel—like a camera ring—allowing users to navigate the OS in a unique way. The teaser pretty much confirms those rumors.

Speaking of OS, the video also appears to confirm this guy will be running Tizen, which likely means only Samsung owners will be able to use this device. Boo. In addition to your typical smartwatch features—weather, messages, calendar, etc.—it looks like the Gear S2 will emphasize fitness tracking, as most smartwatches seem to do.

It looks slick, and Samsung is quite clearly excited about its new wearable. We’ll learn much more about it—and hopefully get to try it out—at IFA in Berlin next month.