Sweden-based research firm Micro Systemation has developed a tool called XRY that can easily crack an iOS or Android phone's passcode in less than two minutes. Someone should tell the FBI about this. In the video, the firm demonstrates the application on an iPhone (from the 00:10 – 02:20) by breaking into the device much the same way jailbreakers do to remove installation restrictions. The tool is designed to help law enforcement and military customers access devices of criminal suspects or military detainees.

The XRY tool "brute forces" the phone's lock password by guessing every possible combination of numbers to find the correct code, Forbes said. In the video demonstration above, the code was simply "0000." The company does acknowledge that more complex passcodes will take longer to crack — sometimes so long that Micro Systemation admitted "it's not worth doing."

Other times, legal barriers prohibit law enforcement officials from cracking a suspect's phone. Several states in the U.S. give police the right to search phones without a warrant, but others still require one before authorities can access a suspect's device.

"If police have a warrant to be in the phone, this is just a way to get access to what they're legally allowed to," said attorney Hanni Fakhoury. "But if they're going to a protest and seizing folks for booking, and immediately running this on their phones and sucking everything out, we've got a real problem."

Micro Systemation said it adheres to export control laws when selling the tool, but after that it's up to the user's discretion.

[via Forbes]