Samsung Galaxy S III - Samsung's Most Successful PhoneIn a matter of hours after going live, The Verge on Wednesday debunked yet another alleged Galaxy S III rumor. First originating from Gizmodo (via Gizmodo Brazil), pictures showed up online of what was claimed to be the upcoming flagship device. Well, according to "a source familiar with Samsung's plans," the images posted on Gizmodo are most definitely not the mythical S III. There's more.

The Verge said the images might actually be "generic test boxes" used to put the upcoming Galaxy model's internals through its paces. This, one might imagine, would give employees the opportunity to test the "Galaxy S III" out in real world settings without the public even knowing (and possibly avoid having an infamous iPhone 4 bar incident of its own).

The source told The Verge, "That's not even close to the final design," referring to Gizmodo's images. "No leaks of the final design have been accurate." That means everything we've seen up to this point has been wrong. And we've seen a lot so far.

Rumor after rumor about the Galaxy S III has dominated the Internet over the past couple months, bringing hype over the device to a crescendo heading into the May 3 unveil. But it sounds like we might be back at square one, if The Verge's source is correct.

We're not far off until Samsung spills everything, and we're unlikely to even get a sniff of the S III before then because of how close the Korean company is keeping the device to its chest.

"Security surrounding the preparation and launch of the Galaxy S III is tighter than it has ever been for any product in [Samsung's] history," The Verge wrote. "Security is so tight, in fact, that our source can't even confirm the Galaxy S III name."

Still, we'll keep our ears and eyes peeled for the next Galaxy S III morsel.

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