Secret Ponchos is the brand new multiplayer shooter with RPG elements set to release for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 from Switchblade Monkeys. Catch its debut trailer above and a few assets at the base of this post.

Switchblade Monkeys is a brand new studio comprised of industry veterans from places like Blizzard, Hasbro and Radical, so the press release with the news indicates. The team formed up to make a game that they hope is something truly special.

Also part of the release was a quote from Yousuf Mapara, President and Creative Director at Switchblade Monkeys, concerning the team’s decision to make Secret Ponchos and the passion involved:

“Secret Ponchos was created by a new development philosophy…Instead of following a business-oriented studio model, we just set out make the game the way a group of friends gets together to form a rock band, and to see how far we can take it. If we make something we love, put our all into it every day and enjoy the creative process, hopefully we will make something others like, too.”

If a veteran team is pouring that kind of love into the project, it’s certainly on my raider. I’ll be seeing Secret Ponchos in person at PAX East this weekend. Expect a hands-on preview from me soon.

For now, Secret Ponchos is currently planned for the Xbox LIVE Arcade and PlayStation Network platforms sometime this year. A PC version has not been announced, but the team has expressed that if the demand for said version is pronounced, they’ll hop to it.