We know that Google and Motorola are working on a top secret next-generation Android smartphone that's either being called the "X" or the "NXT." Now it appears that there's a totally different device that's also being tested. The device, dubbed the XT912A right now, was revealed in a video released by Tinhte. It appears to be running Jelly Bean and has a display that's clearly smaller than the 5-inch one rumored for the Motorola X. We can see a relatively bare version of Android, save for a third party weather widget, and a rounded backside.

The device actually looks a bit thick compared to today's super thin smartphones, but this could just be some sort of prototype unit. Engadget said the phone sports 2GB of RAM, a large 2,000mAh battery (which could be adding to the beefy design) and an Adreno 320 GPU. We don't know what kind of camera is on the back, or when (if ever) the phone will make an official debut.