secret android

Secret, the popular app often used for spreading fake tech rumors and semi-anonymously trash-talking your friends, is expanding beyond its initial limited launch in the U.S. on iOS. The app is now available around the world and on Android, opening up the potential for tons of new secrets.

If you've never used Secret before here's how it works. When you first sign in the app will scan your phonebook and email contacts and create an anonymous social network. Any secrets you post will be shared with your contacts, who can comment or "Love" them to pass your posts along to the rest of their own networks. Don't worry though, all your posts are still anonymous, though sometimes it's possible to figure out which of your friends wrote a particular secret based on context. You can also customize your posts by picking different colors and patterns or using an image of your own for the background.

The team behind Secret is also adding several new features to boost engagement. While scrolling through your feed you'll see an occasional card telling you how many of your friends are currently using the app. Secret will also insert its own prompts, called "Icebreakers." Finally, the company is making it easier to share posts via Facebook, Twitter, Email or SMS with a new button in the top right corner.

Secret is still mostly used around Silicon Valley, but it should be interesting to see whether the app can catch on with mainstream users now that it's available on Android and around the world. The company also promises "more surprises" in the future, so hopefully we'll get more new features in an upcoming update.