Secret landed in the App Store with a splash earlier this year, but since then the anonymous sharing app has become lost in the shuffle. Today, the company is back with a massive update that brings new features and a total redesign for the official launch of Secret 2.0.

The most noticeable difference after today’s update is Secret’s new look. While the original app offered an Instagram-inspired feed of large square pictures, the new text-heavy design looks more like Twitter. As a result, the entire thing should load a lot faster. Secret still offers the option to include a picture, but they only pop up when you hold down your finger on a particular post.

Secret is also splitting its single feed into many. There’s a “friend” tab, which is the most similar to the original app, and an “explore” feed for a broader collection of posts. Additionally, you can share or read secrets based on locations, with support for plenty of cities and colleges already included. Companies can even offer a corporate Secret feed, though you’ll need a verified email address to gain access.

Finally, there’s private chat. Just tap on any user’s randomly generated avatar and you’ll launch a one-on-one discussion. You can keep multiple chats going at once, but if you leave one for too long (roughly one day) it will disappear. Of course, you can also block someone if you need to end the conversation sooner than that.

Overall, Secret 2.0 looks like a solid update, though most of its new features seem cribbed from competing apps like Yik Yak, Whisper and even Snapchat. Whether Secret can take all those parts and mold them into something even better remains to be seen.