You won't just have a new Ghostbusters movie with an all-female cast. A new report suggests Sony Pictures has plans to expand the entire cinematic universe of Ghostbusters, with TV, merchandise, and, yes, even a second new film on the horizon, too. That means there will be two new Ghostbusters films to look forward, and what I'd imagine to eventually be a cross-over between the two for an "Avengers-style" blockbuster.

There seems to be a lot of top talent involved already. The plan right now is to get a production company called Ghostcorps off the ground, with Ivan Reitman (original Ghostbusters director) and Dan Aykroyd (one of the original Ghostbusters stars) as the architects behind the move. The Russo brothers (Captain America: The Winter Soldier) have apparently been tapped to direct the film, with Drew Pears (Iron Man 3) on writing duties, and Channing Tatum as producer.

Channing Tatum has become a favorite among the Sony Pictures ranks for his work on 21 Jump Street, and he's also being considered for a starring role in the upcoming flick. Other potential actors haven't been named, though I'd imagine Jonah Hill will be up for consideration since he was a part of 21 Jump Street as well.

The all-female Ghostbusters movie is scheduled to come out in July 2016, and has been described by director Pail Feig as a Walking Dead-inspired take on the Ghostbusters universe. That movie is set to star Kristen Wiig, Melissa McCarthy, Leslie Jones and Kate McKinnon.

Can you imagine the eight new Ghostbusters eventually meeting up a la The Avengers? No doubt that's being discussed. The Russo brothers are already attached to Captain America: Civil War, so it'll likely be quite a long time before the second new Ghostbusters film hits theaters, if ever. With the all-female flick to hit in 2016, perhaps 2017 will be the target date.

In any case, Ghostbusters fans will have a lot more to look forward to in the coming years.