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While they are two completely different handsets, with contrasting designs and rival operating systems, the Nokia Lumia 800 and the iPhone 4S have a few things in common: They are both popular handsets, they are both flagship smartphones for their respective platforms, and they both have dreadful battery life. But at least Nokia's doing something to fix its latest handset.

The Finnish company has already issued one software update to address charging issues, which dropped back in December, but it later confirmed that the device still suffered from a bug that significantly reduced your time in between charges. Now another update is on the way that should fix things for good.

Nokia detailed the update within a post on its blog, and promised it would roll out gradually to Lumia 800 users over the next two weeks, starting January 18:

 As promised in December, a second software update for the Nokia Lumia 800 starts to roll out today.

The update will bring the software on your phone to version 1600.2483.8106.11500 and delivers two key benefits:

  • Battery performance enhancements;
  • Wi-Fi connectivity enhancements.

The update will not be delivered to every Lumia 800 simultaneously, but rather will be staggered over the next two weeks through Microsoft's standard update process. This helps each owner gets the update without any hitches. Around half of owners will get the update in the next seven days, with the remainder over the following seven days.

If you're a Lumia 800 user, you will first receive a notification to inform you that your update is ready to download. As with previous software updates, you'll be required to connect your handset to your computer and use the Microsoft Zune (Windows) or the Windows Phone 7 Connector (Mac) software to update.

If you're lucky enough to get the update first, be sure to let us know what kind of affect it has on your battery life.

[via The Verge]

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