The city of Seattle has approved the construction of Amazon’s new biodome complex, a set of three 100-foot high transparent greenhouses located on the company’s 3-block headquarter campus in the city’s downtown area.

The new structure will be home to offices, restaurants, retail stores and a wide variety of plants not indigenous to the Seattle, Wash. area.  The five story tall domes will find themselves surrounded by Amazon’s trio of massive 70-story skyscrapers on its 3-block campus, so it’s become a little difficult to tell which of these entities is showing off the most.

Seattle’s design board passed on the construction unanimously, and all that remains is for approval from Seattle’s planning and development department.

The structure has been widely praised for its design, but it has been criticized for one glaring flaw: the public won’t be able to interact with it. Being locked on Amazon’s corporate headquarters, these glowing orbs of genuine curiosity will be closed to the average Joe walking by on his way home from work.

Amazon has since acquiesced and planned paved roads and benches for the public to get a closer look at the domes, though they still won’t be allowed inside.