The Walking Dead Episode 4 - Around Every Corner

Clementine. If you played all the way through the first season of Telltale's marvelous take on The Walking Dead, then you've got a soft spot for the little girl you aimed to protect throughout the initial campaign.

During a panel at last weekend's San Diego Comic Con, Telltale revealed that Clementine will be a part of the narrative in season two of The Walking Dead. The panel also indicated that we'll learn the fate of Kenny, another major player in the plot of the original run.

Telltale has been quite tight lipped about what's set to go down in season two of their critically adored series. 400 Days, the DLC for the original The Walking Dead season, serves as a sort of prologue to the second season, but we don't know how our actions with that game will play into the new one.

Still, knowing that Clementine will at least make an appearance in the next set of episodes is almost a relief, isn't it? I care about Clementine that learning her fate and being a part of her continued story is important to me, and that's a huge compliment for Telltale.

There's still no target release date set for season two of The Walking Dead, but Telltale has indicated that they expect to release the first episode this fall. We'll have more on this one as it comes.