When word leaked out about Sean Parker's wedding, the Web was abuzz with rumors of the ultimate geek nuptials. The tech billionaire — Napster founder, Facebook co-founder and Spotify investor — and his fiancé Alexandra Lenas were supposedly planning a medieval-themed costume wedding set in the forest of California coast's Big Sur on June 1.

The New York Post ran a story quoting an unnamed source who said, "Guests will each get their own costumier. There is a chance the wedding could end up looking like an episode of 'Game of Thrones.'" (Could you imagine Mark Zuckerberg all done up like Joffrey, the young, bratty king of Game of Thrones' seven kingdoms?)

It was a juicy rumor, and it wasn't that hard to believe, given the groom's love of costuming. For Halloween 2010, he dressed up as Justin Timberlake. You know, the actor who played him in The Social Network. And Lenas? Britney Spears, of course.

When Parker found out about the story, he wasted no time hitting up Facebook to quell the rumor: "This is NOT a theme wedding and there will be nothing 'medieval' about it. Academy award–winning costume designer Ngila Dickson created a series of outfits for everyone that are based on modern suits and dresses with some elements of victorian flair and whimsy; however they are not at all 'medieval.'" Then he tweeted, "Just because we don't trust our guests to dress themselves properly doesn't mean we want them to look like #GoT characters."

What a bummer. Who doesn't love eccentric stories about the rich elite — from Howard Hughes and Richard Branson to John McAfee? This just seems like a wasted opportunity. After all, Parker did hire the Oscar-winning costumer who outfitted the cast in The Lord of the Rings and Xena: Warrior Princess.

Then again, maybe the tech guy just doesn't like leaks. He certainly wouldn't be the first.