I’ve been tasked with writing the article that every writer dreads writing: Introducing myself. There is probably nothing more painful to a writer than having to introduce themselves to a new audience because you have to walk a fine line between sounding like an idiot and a self-promoting egoist.  I’ll do my best though to find a happy middle ground.

seansmallAs you may have guessed by now, I’m the newest writer here at TechnoBuffalo, and my name, as the headline suggests, is Sean P. Aune.  (The “P” stands for Patrick if you’re curious.)  I’ve been a professional writer since the early 1990’s when I worked in print media that reported on collectibles.  I wrote for such publications as Wizard and The Comic Buyers Guide amongst others.  In 1998, when the Internet really started to take off, the number of writing jobs shrank, and I decided to take a break from writing and concentrate on other projects.

In July 2007 I felt I was ready to give writing another go and explored the possibilities of doing professional blogging.  I had already been blogging daily at my personal site, SeanPAune.com, for several years, and figured I was ready to do it for pay also.  I have always had a deep love for computers, technology, gadgets and the Internet, so I figured I’d give tech blogging a go, and off I went writing for numerous technology blogs over the past few years.

I’m excited to join with the crew here at TechnoBuffalo as they seem to be a young and energetic group.  I do skew a bit older than most people in the tech blogosphere as I was born in 1971, but I feel it gives me a perspective that differs somewhat as I have actually been around to watch a lot of this grow and mature.

Hopefully you’ll find my articles worthwhile and informative, and you can always check me out at my personal blog as well as on Twitter where I’m @seanpaune.