With Twitter's IPO out of the way , the question arises: what Internet company will be the next to go public? According to The Deal, the answer is Seamless, though others including Square and Box could be on the horizon, too. The food delivery service is reportedly already considering its options and could enter the public stock market in late 2014 at the earliest.

The browser and app-based service launched in 2012 and lets users order delivery or takeout directly from local restaurants online. Seamless maintains a strong social media presence, regularly offering deals and discounts to its customers, but The Deal notes that its biggest source of profit comes from law firms and finance companies that order food for an entire floor or department at once through the application.

Earlier this year Seamless merged with GrubHub, its biggest competitor, at the time revealing their joint revenue was over $100 million. The two companies also announced that, together, they were processing 130,000 orders each day through 25,000 restaurants in the U.S. and U.K., and that's not even including larger orders for business clients.

Seamless will of course need to show how it plans to expand if it does go public, and moving out of large cities could be tougher than it looks.

Update: A spokesperson reached out to us to clarify that post-merger the company's official name is GrubHub Seamless, while Seamless is simply a product within the company's portfolio.