Square is reportedly testing a new service called Pickup which allows you to pre-order food from restaurants online, though you’ll still have to pick it up in person. The app is still in beta, meaning you’ll need a special invite code to try it out for yourself.

The new app was first spotted by Priceonomics, and features a pretty sleek design on both iOS and Android. The app lets you scroll through a list of pre-selected restaurants, quickly tap out an order and pay instantly. Then just head over to the restaurant to grab your food.

Square’s latest addition is nothing new. Seamless and Grubhub both offer the option to order food for either pickup or delivery from you smartphone or computer, while OrderAhead only deals in takeout. Square Pickup’s biggest advantage, however, it Square’s existing relationship with countless restaurants that have already synced their menus with the payment service.

I’m looking forward to trying out Square Pickup as soon as I get a chance, though, to be honest, it’s going to be hard for any new service to wean me off my addiction to Seamless.