Seaman was originally released for the Sega Dreamcast in 1999. The game puts players in the care of a strange new creature as they're tasked with bringing him from the mushroomer to frogman stages in his lifecycle.

Nikkei reports, without much detail, that Seaman will be heading to the Nintendo 3DS in the future. Specifically, the story from Nikkei is that Nintendo is working to revive brands from older competitors and that Seaman is part of this effort for the Nintendo 3DS.

If you never played Seaman (for shame!) and you're curious about what made it so special…well, I can't really help you. I know that it released in Japan to widespread success, adoration and some critical love. It was a game that boasted completely strange design and mechanical elements, but it managed to win over a ton of users.

When it released in the United States, it was given an extra push of personality when Leonard Nimoy played the game's narrator as himself. Aside from Nimoy's subtle cues, players were tasked with figuring out the world of Seaman all on their own. The challenge the game presented was completely unique for its time, and that made it one of the strangest games to ever release. In fact, contemporary critics still often cite Seaman as one of the weirdest "games" of all time.

The report from Nikkei does not indicate exactly how this effort will come to fruition for the Nintendo 3DS or whether or not gamers can expect to see the likes of Nimoy reprising his role. They just say that it's coming.

If more information drops for Seaman on the Nintendo 3DS, we'll be on it. Playing Seaman in 3D and on a portable system would be too bizzarre to pass up, as far as we're concerned.

[via Andriasang]