Seagate on Tuesday unveiled a portfolio of 10TB drives built for NAS, surveillance systems and, of course, a new BarraCuda Pro drive for home PC users. The company said its goal was to deliver a beefy hard drive at an affordable price point, and it promises this drive delivers.

The BarraCuda Pro 10TB desktop drive spins at 7200rpm, slower than some might prefer but not bad given the huge capacity, and offers built-in power-saving features. Before today, Seagate’s 3.5-inch BarraCuda HDD selection included 50GB, 1TB, 2TB, 3TB, 4TB, 6TB and 8TB options, so customers who needed more space had to look to Seagate’s enterprise-focused 10TB drives, which were introduced in April. Now that helium technology is trickling into the more consumer-friendly drive.

The new BarraCuda Pro, which joins new IronWolf and SkyHawk entries for small businesses and surveillance systems, respectively, will launch from retailers such as NewEgg with a $535 MSRP, according to AnandTech.