Digital hoarders take note: Yesterday, Seagate announced that it's now shipping a brand-new, high-performance 4TB Desktop HDD. And, says the company, this version offers "the lowest cost per gigabyte in the industry."

In laymen's terms, the capacity is enough to store more than 1,000,000 songs, 800,000 photos or 450 hours of HD video. But the secret sauce isn't in the capacity; it's in the design. This isn't the first HDD with 4TB, but Seagate claims its the first to use this four-platter design with full-fledged 1TB platters. This, says the company, is what enables the doubled capacity and reduced cost, while still allowing for the highest performance possible. To prove the point, the company says its average data rate of 146MB/s is the highest of any desktop hard disk drive on the market. And yet, it uses 35 percent less energy than competitors.

The company positions the HDD — which includes up to 64MB of cache and runs at 5,900 RPM — for people interested in building their own servers or gaming PCs. But it's also suitable for folks who just want a ginormous amount of storage at great speeds for a reasonable price. Seagate's Desktop HDD can be found online for $190 (bare bones) to $212 (full retail trim).