Sea of Thieves, from the folks at Rare, is showing a lot of promise as a new Xbox One and Windows 10 IP. It received a special trailer at E3 2016.

Rare Studio Head Craig Duncan took the stage and called it their most ambitious game yet. They invited real players to their headquarters in order to play the game, and what we saw during the presentation was what they did on their adventure. It’s actual gameplay.

This looks like a first person pirate game, and it is gorgeous. They sailed, they drank mead, and they carried their mugs of booze as they adventured about the island.

Sea of Thieves, I must admit, looks a lot more fun than I thought it would based on last year’s reveal. Especially when opposing pirates attack their ship. That’s when the sea battle starts. This game looks like it will be absolutely ridiculous with a group of friends.

We’ll have more on Sea of Thieves as it comes.