Well, that was fast. Twitter's new two-step authentication only rolled out Wednesday, and there's already another security breach.

Seems the Syrian Electronic Army is at it again, this time hacking ITV's London news Twitter account. The @itvlondon account was taken over Friday afternoon to push out fake news stories about Syrian rebels, followed by "Just kidding. The Syrian Electronic Army was here. #SEA via @Official_SEA12." And just to rub it in, one of tweets linked to a newspaper headline: "In battle against hackers like the Syrian Electronic Army, Twitter introduces extra security measures."

ITV acted quickly to restore its account, the company tweeted. A spokesman said, "The ITV News London Twitter account was compromised for a short time but has now been secured and the Tweets have been deleted," adding that it looks like the incident stemmed from a phishing email. What isn't clear is when the hackers gained access and whether Twitter's new authentication protocol was actually in place at the time.

The British broadcasting channel stands in pretty good company. The Associated Press, Financial Times and Daily Telegraph, among others, have all been targeted by the Syrian Electronic Army. One could even argue that a media organization knows it has hit the big leagues once they've been zeroed in on by the rogue group.