Seems like the Syrian Electronic Army is having a busy year. After claiming credit for hacking the Twitter account of the Associated Press and sending out a fake news tweet that The White House had been bombed — it wasn’t — they’re at it again, this time attacking The Guardian.

The hackers busted into the British media organization’s Twitter accounts, including @GuardianSustBiz and @BusinessDesk, earlier today and commandeered them to shamelessly promote themselves. They tweeted: “Follow the Syrian Electronic Army… Follow the truth! @Official_SEA12 #SEA #Syria.”

Of course, the AP and The Guardian are not alone. The S.E.A. has also monkeyed around with the Twitter accounts of the BBC, NPR, CBS and FIFA. The likely way in was phishing emails, as reporters often jump on messages and links to check out breaking events or news leads. 

According to reports, a total of 11 Guardian accounts were attacked, and as of this writing, the organization has taken back some (but not all) of the accounts.

The takeaway here? There are several. Don’t click on mysterious links, and until Twitter launches a more secure authentication protocol, lock down those accounts. And bear in mind that this is probably not the end of it, so if you see some crazy message, bizarre headline or other strangeness being tweeted out from your favorite news accounts, think twice before falling for it.