The picture you see above is sending X-Files fans into a tizzy. After 13 years of reruns, Scully and Mulder are back on the case, seemingly in search of answers to new mysteries. What the two are doing, and where they're going, will no doubt be at the center of discussion for months to come.

The two are sitting in what appears to be a limo, or maybe an Uber. There's a green screen behind them, so, no, they're not actually driving anywhere. But things are looking pretty casual. Mulder (David Duchovny) looks like he was just about to head to the bar with his bros. Scully (Gillian Anderson), meanwhile, is looking more professional in business attire.

You can also see Chris Carter, who created the series, observing on the monitor as the scene unfolds.

The X-Files originally aired back in 1993, and ran for nine seasons before coming to an end. It's so surreal that it's coming back. What kind of mysteries will Mulder and Scully uncover when the show premieres early next year? Hopefully we'll get more clues as we get closer to the Jan. 24, 2016 date.

You can stream all nine seasons of The X-Files on Netflix or Hulu, so you have plenty of time to catch up on what has happened over the past several years.