Scribblenauts vast library of nouns is just about to get even bigger. The latest in the series, Scribblenauts Unlimited, will allow players to create their own words by modifying already existing nouns.

Shown at Nintendo's press conference yesterday, the latest Scribblenauts Unlimited trailer gives the popular choice "Cthulu" a much needed makeover if he wants to play with the children at a  birthday party. The Wii U's touch screen allows for easy customization of any object in the game, turning "Cthulu" into "Clownthulu." Dunno if they had to do away with his wings though.

More than just a simple puzzle game where you gather stars like the first time around, Scribblenauts Unlimited embraces what it was always meant to be, a sandbox of experimental ideas where you can create your own movie scenes. Friends can also adjust the objects and scenes to create their own outcomes as well.

Scribblenauts Unlimited will be available for the Wii U at launch on November 18th. 3DS and PC versions are also in the works, so if sharing your creations and scenes is the main draw, perhaps the PC version is the best way to go.