5th Cell, the studio behind the outstandingly creative Scribblenauts, has been shuttered. They were an independently owned studio.

The word comes from developer Tim Borrelli on Twitter. Borrelli fired off the tweet you see here.

Borrelli went on in a later tweet to indicate that he was “part of the first round of layoffs.” Then, when he came in to pick up his stuff today, “they shut the studio down.” A round of layoffs turned into the full on closure of a game development studio.

The good news (if you can call it that, I suppose) is that Borrelli has been hit with a surge of replies on Twitter with job openings at other companies. Developers and publishers big and small are coming out of the woodwork with open positions, and Borrelli has said that he’s “compiling the job links for the team.”

We hope the now jobless 5th Cell staff finds work soon. Scribblenauts was a blast.