Today, 5th Cell announced their brand new iOS specific game, Run Roo Run. The trailer you see above is the first for the one-touch title, and it indicates that players will be able to download Run Roo Run from the App Store starting January 12th… which is in two days.

5th Cell is the independent studio behind the cult classic, and now casually famous on Apple devices, Scribblenauts. Both Scribblenauts and Scribblenauts 2 center around the gameplay idea that players can summon whatever worldly objects they need in order to achieve specific goals or collect stars. Puzzles can be deviously complex, but the way the game is controlled and beaten is pleasingly simple.

It looks like this studio aims to release another game based around the same principle. Run Roo Run will ask players to guide one kangaroo after its lost Joey across the length of Australia. Roo takes each section of the land by way of a single screen at a time. Roo runs constantly, and players use one-touch control to have her jump around obstacles in the game.

It looks like easy fun that has room to grow.

5th Cell has indicated that they will support Run Roo Run with weekly map downloads for free. These downloads will not require an application update.

Rather than playing an infinite runner with a randomly generated map like Jetpack Joyride or Canabalt, gamers will be able to tackle specially made puzzle rooms on a case by case basis.

Pricing has not been announced for Run Roo Run just yet. We expect you'll be able to find out when the game shows up on the App Store this Thursday. For perspective, Scribblenauts Remix launched at $4.99 on iOS devices; however, the game now sells for $0.99 as part of a holiday promotion. We imagine Run Roo Run will fall into the same price line.