firefoxmobile os 1

Earlier this month Mozilla announced that it was going to enter the mobile operating system space with its own Firefox-branded mobile operating system. It's a crowded market largely dominated by iOS and Android, although Microsoft and RIM both hope that Windows Phone 8 and BlackBerry 10 will take off. It seems odd to us that Mozilla would want to enter such a packed space, but now several screen shots have been leaked and they suggest the company is well on its way to launching next year.

The shots were published by TechWeekEurope on Thursday and looked strikingly similar to Android. Like Android, Firefox Mobile OS is based of Linux and appears to offer a customizable home screen, a large area for applications, push notifications and a fat-finger-friendly dial pad.

The operating system will allegedly first launch in Latin America in 2013, which suggests Mozilla is going to dive right into emerging markets, and is expected to deploy in Europe later. Check out several additional screenshots in the gallery below.

Mozilla Firefox Mobile OS Gallery

[via Neowin, TechWeekEurope]