Xbox One in the Woods -01

After hearing promises for quite some time, the time frame is tightening on Microsoft adding the ability to take screenshots on the Xbox One.

In a video filmed for Xbox Wire, Xbox boss Phil Spencer said that “screenshots are coming early this year.” He says that screenshots are a natural add-on to the personalization elements we’ve seen added to the console in the last few months, like custom backgrounds.

When screenshots arrive, it seems like we’ll see them as available for sharing in the Xbox One activity feed, usable as custom backgrounds, and applicable to the profile galleries added this fall that are currently used to show off achievements and videos. For those of us free of Kinect, it’ll be interesting to see how the system implements it, whether it’s handled as an extension of what we can do by double-tapping the guide button, or something with the View button. I’m looking forward to saying “Xbox, Take a screenshot. TAKE A SCR– no, don’t open Bing.”

“Early this year” means we should see the feature added by the end of the first quarter or, at worst, by May.