Not long after getting supposed confirmation of Sprint’s variation of the Galaxy Note II, word is popping up about AT&T soon getting the device as well. And just like the Sprint leak, the Note II on AT&T will likely come equipped with Samsung’s quad-core Exynos 4412 and LTE support.

Samsung’s Note II is going biiiiiig, and to match its oversized mug the Korean company is ensuring it’ll have the next generation specs to match: Android 4.1.1, 1280×720 display, quad-core. If this is the kind of quality specs we can expect out of Samsung going into 2013, the company definitely deserves all the praise and success its received over the past year. Just please, no Galaxy Note II Skyrocket HD, or something of that nature, Samsung.

There are a bevy of screens corroborating the Note II’s imminent arrival on AT&T; right now testing is underway, and typically there’s a two week turnaround once testing is complete. All we need now is confirmation from the carrier itself. Let’s hope that we hear something sooner rather than later.

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