We’ll be touching down in LA for E3 in a matter of hours. I think one game really sits up in my mind as one of the potential greats and wonders for the show. That game is No Man’s Sky from Hello Games.

No Man’s Sky is bound for the PlayStation 4 and PC platforms. Following last year’s E3, we had a sort of media blitz surrounding the game. That lasted a few months, complete with news blips that suggested its universe would be explorable practically forever.

Then December of 2014 hit, and news for No Man’s Sky sort of dried up. We had a few bits and pieces here and there, but Hello Games went dark in order to, we assume, make their sci-fi adventure into the best game it can be.

No Man’s Sky could redefine what we think about exploration in the gaming space. With the possibility to launch off of a planet, fly through the empty darkness, land on another planet and discover a locale never seen in the virtual world by anyone else rings of glorious science fiction, and we want all of it.

Now, seeing as No Man’s Sky is being heavily supported by Sony and the PlayStation 4, I have sort of a premonition about how its time at E3 is going to go. I have a feeling Sony will announce that one of the first games to take full advantage of Morpheus, their virtual reality headset, will be No Man’s Sky.

I don’t have any sort of insider source to back this up. It’s just a feeling. A feeling I really, really want to be true.

We’ll know soon enough.