You know, I’m still having issues with matchmaking in Halo: The Master Chief Collection. I’ll pick a playlist, sit in a lobby and wait. The prompt will say searching for players, players found, connecting and then it’ll revert to searching.

This happens, I’d say, one out of every three times I go to play.

I also hate how it just drops me straight back to the menu after a match rather than keeping me in that group to play another round of the same game type.

Any way you slice it, Halo: The Master Chief Collection is and was a mess. It somehow gets written off because it sometimes works and is a great value. Sure, it’s a great value, I get that; but, the fact that we’re missing out on all the Halo that was promised at launch kinda stinks.

So, it was this week that I was trying, mostly unsuccessfully, to get into a few rounds of SWAT when I thought, “man, Halo 5: Guardians‘ multiplayer has to be better than this, right?”

343 Industries and Microsoft can’t afford to botch the multiplayer launch of Halo 5. They simply can’t. This is one of the franchises that put Xbox LIVE on the map. Its name is synonymous with online multiplayer gaming. If it doesn’t work, Microsoft is going to be absolutely lambasted.

As well they should. I don’t care that we received ODST for free as a way to say sorry for the matchmaking problems. That didn’t fix them, and that’s crazy frustrating.

I want Halo 5 to work, plain and simple. The game looks gorgeous, and I’m really excited by its premise. I just want all that online shooty shooty to work right on or very near day one.

Think that’ll happen?

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