When I first played Destiny last fall I was immediately taken by how good the shooting felt and how good the game looked. The game’s leveling system and focus on grinding, among other things, put me off, and it was only a few weeks before I was done kicking the soccer ball around the Tower. Month after month, though, I watched my friends post about it on Twitter and Facebook, about the epic raids and PVP sessions they were having. But I knew that under all that, the stuff that drove me nuts was still there, waiting.

With the newest Destiny expansion, The Taken King, though, I know that at least one of those elements is gone. There are huge changes coming and some of them even went in place this week with a whopping 17 gigabyte patch – quite possibly the biggest patch ever in console gaming.

That goofy leveling system, which topped out at 20 before forcing you to grind for items with Light ratings, has now been streamlined into a single leveling system. Gear has been recalibrated, too, bringing damage numbers into a more comprehensible range. Class items and Ghost shells impart perks that impact gameplay. The Gunsmith will have guns that are actually useful past level 10 now, as well. Every exotic item you’ve ever picked up in the past, if you’re a returning player, will appear in a catalog in the Tower and rebuilt using some of the game’s currencies.

Currencies, too, have been streamlined. PVP’s Crucible marks and PVE’s Vanguard marks have been combined into a single currency, Legendary Marks, and you can earn as much as you can like each week, though your wallet can only hold up to the 200 at a time.

The game is even getting some overhaul to its story structure, with many of its elements now being explained through questlines filled with the game’s vast lore and even some new cutscenes, which will feature the new voice of the Ghost, Nolan North, who replaced Peter Dinklage.

There’s basically a whole new game here, and it sounds like a pretty cool one. The Taken King even has an item to bump your character up to level 25 and outfit them with proper gear!

And then I look at the lineup of games coming out this fall. Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, Forza Motorsport 6,  Rock Band 4, Assassin’s Creed Syndicate, Call of Duty: Black Ops 3, Fallout 4, Rise of the Tomb Raider, Star Wars: Battlefront, Just Cause 3… and I’m pretty sure I missed a few.

When am I going to have time to go back to a game that I already burned out on? I enjoyed the new experiences while they lasted – quite a bit, actually – but found them getting stale before the first expansion hit a few months later.

Really, this is a good problem to have. This fall is an incredible time for games, where you could easily spend $400 and feel like you missed out on some major stuff.

But it’s tough to look at all that and make room for a game that disappointed me once in hope that it won’t do so a second time.

Destiny‘s The Taken King hits next week on September 15, and I still haven’t figured out if I’m going to jump back in.

What about you – are you going to try Destiny for the first time, jump back in after some time away, or have you simply never stopped playing?

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