ScreamRide Gets Release Date

ScreamRide is one of the more interesting and compelling Xbox One titles due this year in my book. This is a roller coaster creation game with an emphasis on scaring riders, solving engineering problems and, well, blowing everything up.

A fresh post on Microsoft’s Xbox Wire blog takes time to detail the three core mission types players will find in ScreamRide when the game hits the Xbox One and Xbox 360 this spring. We’ve grabbed each section and parsed down the specific information for your consideration.

First up? The ScreamRider missions.

ScreamRider missions task you with controlling the coaster, trying to create the most intense experience for the riders without throwing them off the track. You control the speed of the car as well as its lean, which allows you to balance up on two wheels for some dangerous-but-rewarding combos. It’s a very arcade-style system, complete with global and friends leaderboards to encourage some healthy competition.

Next we have the Engineer missions.

The Engineer missions make up the puzzle portion of the game. Starting with a piece of a finished coaster, it’s up to you to complete the ride – trying to make the coolest coaster with a limited amount of track.

Last are the Demolition Expert missions.

This is where the “destroy” part of ScreamRider comes in. Using differently shaped ride pods, you launch thrill-seeking guests into a destructible environment, setting off explosions and causing chain reactions to knock down as many buildings as possible.

So, you’ll build coasters that solve problems within engineering, use those machines to thrill riders and then destroy everything in a crazy, destructible environment.

Sign me up.

ScreamRide will release on the Xbox One and Xbox 360 on March 3, 2015. We’ll have more on the game as it comes.