The Legend of Zelda fans don’t like change. It’s never been an easy request of them to swallow their pride and see Link, Hyrule, and the adventure ahead of them in a new light. Maybe from a new perspective or through a new gimmick, but Legend of Zelda games rarely changes because its fans expect certain elements. Link wears green, he has a sword, he adventures around in a fantasy world, and he rescues a princess from an evil being, usually a pig monster.

He doesn’t fight aliens (Editor’s note from Joey: Except on Romani Ranch, Ron.). He doesn’t ride a motorcycle (Editor’s note from Joey: Except he does! In Mario Kart 8.). He doesn’t riff guitars. He doesn’t wear jeans.

Except… he almost did. Here are a few concept arts and ideas that Nintendo showed off at GDC this year. Whether it was a joke or not, hopefully, most of these were left on the cutting room floor.

I won’t lie, that alien invasion looks really cool

Hey Nintendo, is that DLC potential I see there? Maybe you should team up with Sandlot and let them work giant ants into the alien invasion. Then we might have something I can throw my money behind! I mean, many of us already paid for Link on a bike once, didn’t we?

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild launches tomorrow (!!!) for the Wii U and Nintendo Switch.