The free Scout for iPhone application was updated on Thursday with several new features, including the ability to let friends and family see your location as you navigate and the ability to quickly share a location on Facebook,via text message or email. If you're driving to your grandmother's for the holidays, for example, you can quickly send your estimated time of arrival to designated friends as you drive. The ETA is constructed taking traffic, the local speed limits and other factors into consideration.

"We're always on the go – whether it's our morning drive to work, taking our kids on an adventure for the weekend, or going out with our friends," said Dariusz Paczuski, general manager of Scout at Telenav.  "Being able to easily discover local bands and venues, share them with our friends, tell our friends that we're on our way, and know when they'll arrive, are great examples of how we're focused on making Scout even more helpful and more personal for each of our users."

Telenav, which owns Scout, said that it will soon add a feature that will constantly keep friends and family updated with ETA information as you move, instead of requiring users to manually send the info.