The iPhone 4S' personal assistant, Siri, has been front and center since Apple introduced the technology late last year. While initially met with disdain, the Cupertino-based company still managed to sell millions of iPhones worldwide in 2011, with its latest iteration being consumers' top pick. Being such a global sensation, the voice technology appropriately came equipped with the ability to understand a number of different languages and accents, from French to U.K. English. It seems, though, Siri isn't so great at interpreting a thick Scottish brogue.

In a video titled Apple Scotland, a bearded gentlemen frustratingly meets his wits end as Siri fails to understand his simple request for a "jammy dodger." While the video itself is intentionally meant to hoodwink the iPhone 4S technology, the LA Times featured a story that highlighted Siri's inability to understand consumers with Scottish accents. It's become such an issue, in fact, that some users have taken to complaining on Internet forums about the issue, or given up on the voice assistant altogether.

The LA Times wrote:

To be fair, not all the blame for the verbal miscues ought to fall on Siri's cold electronic shoulders. Even their fellow Scots complain of being mystified by people from Glasgow, whose brogues can be as thick and impenetrable as a Highland fog.

How very true. After watching this video five or six times, I still don't quite fully understand what's being said.

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