Eurogamer and Digital Foundry got an early exclusive look at what Microsoft’s cooking up with the upcoming Scorpio (which surely isn’t its final name, right?). As part of the larger reveal, Microsoft told the outlets that Project Scorpio will not only be 100 percent backwards compatible with Xbox One games and support the growing Xbox 360 library but that it would make all of those games better.

It has to do with the higher ceiling that comes from excess processing power in the Scorpio. Digital Foundry breaks it all down in a large story that you can and should read by hitting the source below, but there are a few key ways in which Scorpio will make aging games better.

The new console will offer smoother performance and “no” screen-tearing. Dynamic titles will run with the maximum possible resolution; that’s when games scale resolution back in order to keep performance up during intense moments. We’ll see better texture filtering. We’ll see 4K 60fps GameDVR when it’s available. Finally, we’ll see faster loading. That last one just makes sense, right?

This thing won’t be cheap

Digital Foundry echoed the sentiment that gamers are going to get what they pay for with Project Scorpio. This will not be a budget-friendly console, so expect to pay top dollar for the most powerful platform on the market that isn’t a PC. You won’t get away with dropping, say, $400. Microsoft is going all out here.