mars-curiosityWhen NASA's Curiosity Rover took a scoop of Martian soil early last week, it uncovered an unexpected bright object that, scientists later found, isn't a dislodged piece of the craft. Amazingly, NASA has confirmed that the shiny material is actually alien in origin, with many other similar particles strewn about the Red Planet.

NASA actually ran into similar situation earlier this month, but scientists said the shiny object was a piece of plastic that came loose from Curiosity. The rover is currently analyzing the soil on Mars, collecting samples and then feeding it into the craft's Chemistry and Mineralogy (CheMin) instrument, TheAtlantic explained.

As Curiosity continues to evaluate its findings, we're left to wonder what, exactly, the shiny particles are. Martian diamonds? Remains of an extinct alien race? Vampires? Hopefully the results turn up some interesting info.

[via CNET]