Are "dragons" the new "zombies?" With the rate that they are appearing in video games, it's hard to believe otherwise.

Dragon's Age: Origins was a hit, and then we had Skyrim, Dragon's Dogma and Dragon's Crown. Let's not forget Drakengard 3, Monster Hunter 4, and Dragon Quest XI which was just during E3. I guess we can thank Game of Thrones for this "dragon boom?"

Needless to say, if you're looking to get a "dragon fix," there are plenty of options these days from action games to RPGs. One new game revealed during Microsoft's press conference called Scalebound has a lot of people wondering exactly what it is. Okami and Bayonetta director Hideki Kamiya is leading the project at Platinum Games, so the credentials are there for a solid action game.

Why exactly does the protagonist rock a pair of headphones in an ancient fantasy age? Because the director is Hideki Kamiya, that's why. The guy who brought you dual pistols in Devil May Cry and a time-shifting superhero in Viewtiful Joe. He always brings an attitude to his games, and Scalebound might be doing the same thing.

Shortly after the reveal, Kamiya posted a long and heartfelt message about his game on the new official blog, promising not to let fans of dragons down. The impassioned open letter about dragons is one example of what makes Kamiya such a sympathetic and admirable developer. He loves everything about the games he makes.

This is Hideki Kamiya, creative director at PlatinumGames.

The day has finally come that I can announce my new project to everyone.

I've created many original titles over the course of my career. Now I have a great opportunity to launch a new project with a new partner, and I'm excited to bring you a brand new game experience once again.

The focus of my new game is the gigantic beast that reigns over the fantasy genre: the dragon. Dragons have a unique power to capture the imagination, and I've loved dragons since I was a child. I've always wished that I could create a game featuring this magnificent creature; now the time has come for me to realize my dream.

I can't share many details about the game yet, but rest assured that the development team and I are working around the clock so that we can show you more as soon as possible. For now, I ask that you let your imagination run wild while you wait.

I promise dragon fans around the world: this game will not disappoint. See you soon,

Hideki Kamiya (@pg_kamiya)

Director, Scalebound

I had mentioned before that it was strange that Microsoft would put Kamiya front and center like they did, but now I'm glad that he has the chance to jump back into the creative chair. His involvement makes me realize that this isn't just a game capitalizing on a popular trend. Scalebound was a highlight of Microsoft's show, and I hope that it can deliver in gameplay what the CG trailer did through visuals.

Platinum Games is finding out that the best way for a small talented team to survive is to get financial backing through an exclusive deal. They scored big with Nintendo picking up Bayonetta 2 and The Wonderful 101, and now it has Microsoft's support in making Scalebound. It makes me excited to see if Sony will get the chance to nab an exclusive. I think Platinum Games owes Sony fans a little something after that PlayStation 3 Bayonetta port.