Samsung Super OLED TVSamsung just announced a 55-inch Super OLED TV from the future at its CES press conference. The TV boasts an incredibly beautiful design, with practically no bezel and a wafer-thin body. A new age of television is upon us, and we couldn't be more excited.

Samsung promises its new TV will eliminate the need for a color filter with RGB sub-pixels, making for unparalleled picture-esque richness and eye-popping brightness. The new technology will all but do away with motion blur in action packed sequences as well (yay for sports!), the company said. The sub-pixels will also allow greater viewer visibility for fine details in the darkest of scenes.

In addition, the TV will feature Samsung's "Smart Interaction" technology through built in mics and an integrated webcam to allow for facial recognition and voice control. On the inside, the TV comes equipped with a dual-core processor that will certainly give it the chops to run the company's over 1,400 Smart TV apps. Of course, Samsung's unnamed TV with come with 3D, too.

Expect Samsung's beauty to hit sometime during Q2 2012. Pricing is unavailable at the moment.