Are you looking for a new wireless carrier? If you've been considering switching to Verizon Wireless, now's the time: you can get up to $650 back when you join Verizon Wireless! You'll get a $200 gift card when you buy a new phone with Verizon monthly payments and bring your number, as well as up to $450 more when you trade-in a smartphone.

I left Google Fi for Verizon in February and haven't looked back – I'm on the Above Unlimited plan, and it's a great plan with unlimited high-speed data, up to 20GB of high-speed hotspot data each month and five included roaming days per month. I joined Verizon and bought my own device, which gave me a $250 gift card – an offer you can also take advantage of right now!

To get the best deal, you'll want to trade in your old phone. If you've got a Galaxy S8 and you're looking for an upgrade, why not grab the Galaxy S10 for $37.49 per month. Trade-in your Galaxy S8 and bring your number to Verizon, and you'll get $650 bring, meaning the Galaxy S10 will cost you just $249.76 over the cost of your contract!

Alternatively, if you'd rather not commit to Verizon, you can snag the Galaxy S10 for just $599 on Prime Day. Switch your number to Verizon on an unlimited plan, and you'll get $250 back, bringing it down to just $349. Plus you'll still have the Galaxy S8 as a second phone – which would go great with a cheap Mint Mobile plan – or you could sell it and reduce the cost of your Galaxy S10 further.

To get started with any of these offers, check out these Verizon deals.