There are some really wonderful photo-editing apps available for your iPhone—Afterlight, VSCO Cam and Camera+ just to name a few—but sometimes people prefer the easy one-and-done filters of Instagram. Sometimes, though, not everyone wants to broadcast their photo to the world, but still retain the edited version from Instagram. There's no default way to achieve this, but a simple trick will allow you to save filtered and cropped pictures without sharing.

Instagram's basic functionality, as described in its terms, is giving users a platform to share, meaning the ability to save filtered photos without sharing is by design. Right now, Instagram photos on iOS are saved to a person's camera roll only after sharing on your feed. But if you turn on Airplane Mode, you can save Instagram photos without them showing up anywhere on the Internet.

The process is simple: turn on Airplane mode, snap a picture, go through the typical Instagram process, and hit Share. Once it says Failed, just remove the photo and then check your Camera Roll. It should be there without having ever been in your feed. Fun.

Like I said, there are some great editing apps out there that'll give you some great results without going through the hassle of pretending to share your photos. But the trick is there if you want to take advantage.