Since plugging in isn't always an option, quick portable power for all those vital devices has never been more important.  With the ZeroLemon ToughJuice QC 2.0 5-port power bank, you'll have loads of charging power on hand whenever you need it, all in a versatile, durable package on par with any battery out there.

You can save yourself some cash as well when you pick one up right now for only $59.99 (53% off) in the TechnoBuffalo Deals Store.

First off, you won't find many batteries with the massive capacity of the ToughJuice. Boasting 30,000mAh of power, you can charge up your smartphone up to 10 times, your tablet twice or even fully juice up your MacBook on a single charge.

If versatility is your thing, the ToughJuice has you covered, offering three USB ports, a USB Type-C port (the rumored power port for the next generation iPhone 8, by the way) and even a QuickCharge 2.0 port, which can take many devices from dead to over half-charged in as little as 30 minutes.

And did we mention the ToughJuice is built like a tank? The battery is encased in a double layer, anti-shock frame that can absorb the rigors of everything from rugged handling and downright abuse like a champ.

Safely ditch the rest of your chargers and batteries with the ZeroLemon ToughJuice, now just $59.99 thanks to this limited time offer.