Satoru Iwara Luigi

Man, Nintendo does not like to listen to the Internet. In a world where every person believes themselves to be a business expert and knows the exact moves Nintendo needs to pull off next, Nintendo does just the exact opposite. It still makes consoles and hasn't gone third party, it still sticks to its most beloved franchises, and just this past week, it re-affirmed its belief in its leadership.

At the 74th Annual General Meeting of Shareholders in Kyoto on Friday, shareholders opted to re-elect President Satoru Iwata for another year at the helm of the world's largest video game maker. Along with him were eight returning executives who will retain their high posts: Genyo Takeda, game designer Shigeru Miyamoto, Tatsumi Kimishima, Shigeyuki Takahashi, Satoshi Yamato, Susumu Tanaka, Shinya Takahashi and Hirokazu Shinshi will all be retaining their jobs. The only new face in the upper ranks of Nintendo will be Naoki Mizutani.

Nintendo faces three years in a row of lost profits and below standard revenue, mostly because its Wii U console has failed to catch up with the public in the same way the previous Wii console did. Each person on that list took a cut to their salaries with the most recent financial reports, a gesture which sent the right message about them trying to turn around Nintendo's recent misfortunes.

I'm going to stop short of saying it saved their jobs though as most of these guys would probably have retained their positions anyway. It has always been Nintendo's style to dig in its heels and stick to what works in times of trouble, and it always pulls through. It will push through these tough times, keep its corporate beliefs intact, and emerge a better company because of it.

Just keep your fingers in your ears and ignore the nay-saying Internet, Nintendo.

I'm excited! Satoru Iwata is always the highlight of the Nintendo Direct presentations mostly because I am in love with his very polite, direct, and accurate English. I wish him a speedy recovery from his recent surgery so we can see him pop up in videos again soon.