Microsoft's CEO Satya Nadella has signed a deal to write his first book, cleverly named Hit Refresh. Of course the Hit Refresh is a bit of a double entendre, having both meaning in the world of tech and life, though the book is not a memoir about Nadella.

Instead, The Wall Street Journal quoted Nadella explaining the book as the "meditations of somebody who is a sitting CEO of a company going through a pretty cathartic transformation." Nadella was indeed faced with huge changes after he took the helm of Microsoft, including many layoffs, and has worked to transform the company from a seemingly stodgy enterprise-focused firm that sold Windows to one that dabbles across all operating systems with products for all sorts of consumers.

There will be a personal twist, too, according to publisher Harper Collins.

"Nadella's personal journey of transformation, the change that is taking place today inside his storied technology company, and one that is coming in all of our lives as intelligent machines become more ambient and more ubiquitous throughout society," will be covered in the book, the publisher explained. "Nadella explores how people, organizations, and societies can and must transform—hit refresh—in their persistent quest for new energy, new ideas, relevance and renewal. Nadella writes that uniquely human qualities like empathy will become more valuable in a world where the torrent of technology will disrupt like never before."

The book is scheduled to hit shelves in the fall of 2017.