We’ve seen a few familiar Nintendo faces pop up in Unreal Engine 4 demos over the last few weeks, but none have been as drop dead amazing as this. Metroid’s popular protagonist Samus Aran has been given the full Unreal treatment, and the engine’s penchant for rendering metal does her all the favors in the world.

This is more than just a Nintendo character gleefully running through the wild and playing with cute deer. Creator CryZENx has turned this demo into a sort of playable fist-person mission designed to make it look just like Metroid Prime title.

“Wow,” is all I can really say. I really want to play a new Metroid game now if Nintendo and Retro Studios can get close enough to this.

Heck, you can even try this mod out yourself! CryZENx has it up and available for all who can use DX12. Maybe this demo alone will be enough to hold you over until Metroid Prime 4 gets announced, you know, if Metroid Prime: Federation Force is just not doing it or you.