Samurai Gunn is an exceptionally great game, and now it's out on the Mac platform. Even better, both the PC and Mac versions of the game are getting a fresh set of new and awesome looking content.

What is Samurai Gunn? It's a four person brawler with special conditions. Each player has a sword and a gun that they can shoot in multiple directions. Every player can be killed with one hit. Swords repel swords, bullets repel bullets and swords repel bullets.

It's absolutely nuts, and the local multiplayer it brings to any get together is awesome.

Now? We're getting more stuff for free. Here's the official update from Teknopants.

More Levels

  • I've added 11 new levels, as well as a new level select interface. Listening to player comments and emails gave me a lot of new ideas that I've implemented. I hope you enjoy them!

New Modes

  • Master of the House
    Grab your friends and play through a random level from each of the four environments. The overall winner claims the title "Master of the House", and ties are decided by an all new moonlit showdown!
  • Showdown Shogun
    No bullets, no extra lives—just showdowns.

More Effects

  • I upgraded the visual feedback for sword clashes, bullets hitting walls, wall stuns, spawn smoke, and more. Interactions feel better and look cleaner. I also added the option to replace the blood spray with cherry blossom petals.

Widescreen Support

  • The whole game has widescreen support, and some of the new levels are especially designed for a widescreen setup.

More Options

  • You can now toggle team kills on or off and change the amount of lives or kills per match.

Better Control Config

  • Control Config has been overhauled to make everything easier. Xinput is easily recognized so Xbox 360 controllers and the drivers which support PS4 and Xbox One now have easy, one-button autoconfig. Players who enjoy Madcatz and other varieties of controllers can still use the 'uncommon' gamepad setting to configure controls however they like.


  • shhhh…

More levels, more modes, more options, better control configurations (yes!) and even secrets! Well, I know what I'm doing this weekend.