Google still hasn’t released the final version of Android L, but it looks like Samsung has been developing its next generation of TouchWiz software based off the developer preview released at Google I/O earlier this year. A new video published by Sammobile claims to show a modified version of Android L running on the Galaxy S5,  though apparently it’s still too buggy for everyday use.

The new version of TouchWiz still feels pretty similar, but plenty has changed. Basic apps like the Dialer, Messages, Memo and Clock have all been redesigned to match Android L, though they’re still missing in-app animations. Sammobile also notes that the theme uses a lot less blue than before, instead opting for an eye-pleasing white.

The biggest change is those beautiful Material Design lockscreen notifications, which look great on the Galaxy S5. For some reason Samsung has limited the software to show just two notifications as a time, while Google allows four. The update also means you can’t use any widgets with Samsung’s new lockscreen.

It looks like Samsung is making good progress prepping its devices for Android L, though it could still take a while to push out the update on a carrier-by-carrier basis. Google is expected to unveil the final version of its new mobile operating system sometime this month, and we’re sure Samsung will announce its own software update plans soon afterwards.