Samsung Tizen

Samsung's HD Super AMOLED displays are incredible — it's what the company used on the latest Galaxy S III flagship device — they are bright, crisp and help to save battery life by turning off pixels. However, display enthusiasts have typically gravitated away from those PenTile screens in favor of sharper options. It looks like Samsung has another trick up its sleeves, however.

According to SamMobile, Samsung's Tizen reference design phone packs a brand new non-PenTile Super AMOLED HD Plus display. (To step back a little, Samsung decided earlier this year to combine its bada operating system with the open source Tizen platform for new smartphones). The new display tech means we might be able to expect a super crisp display with all of the beautiful colors and battery benefits offered by Super AMOLED Plus screens. The display is said to carry a 1024 x 720 resolution, however, which would mean it has less pixel density than 1280 x 720 HD displays. This remains a rumor for now, but we'd love to see just how this screen looks if we ever get our hands on the Tizen reference design.

[via The Verge, SamMobile]