Rumors that the Galaxy Note 4 could feature a fresh new design were dashed today as the first photos of the rumored phablet leaked online, but that doesn’t mean Samsung is giving up on plans for a totally new mobile form factor. A new report from CNET claims the company is moving forward with testing for a three-sided display smartphone that could launch before the end of 2014.

The general idea behind a three-sided display is that the screen wraps around the edges of the device, offering a bit of extra space to display information. Samsung could use that extra real estate for notifications, widgets or full apps, though for now it’s still more of a concept than anything else. The company actually unveiled an early prototype called Youm last year at CES.

According to one anonymous insider, the three-sided display could enter mass production before the end of the year, giving Samsung a unique new device to challenge the competition. The rumors line up with vague promises from Samsung exec Kim Hyeon Jun, who recently teased a handful of upcoming innovative devices.

It looks like the rest of Samsung’s year could be jam packed with new phones. We’re already expecting the company to unveil the Galaxy Note 4 next month at IFA and the still-rumored metal Galaxy Alpha sometime before that. Unfortunately the company’s three-sided smartphone probably won’t launch until the end of 2014 at best, and even then it’s likely to be a South Korean exclusive.