Even though Samsung recently kicked off an Early Access program for Bixby Voice in the United States, it doesn't look like the stable version is going to launch any time soon as the firm's still struggling to teach it English due to a lack of resources.

After playing around with the English beta of Bixby Voice for a short while, one thing becomes apparent: it doesn't actually understand what you're saying. Instead, it attempts to guess what you're asking it based on keywords it detects.

Here's a perfect example: when The Verge asked Bixby Voice who the current president of the United States is, it responded with the weather. Without delving into Bixby's code, it's impossible to say why exactly, but we're guessing it's a result of our keyword theory.

Samsung's working to improve Bixby's fluency in other languages

Whatever the case may be, Samsung's aware that Bixby Voice's linguistic capabilities are "still unsatisfactory compared to its bigger rivals such as Amazon's Alexa and Apple's Siri," and it's working around the clock to improve the assistant's fluency in other languages.

There's just no telling how long it will take.